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Your email address will not be published. I do think the beads might detract a little bit of breathability compared to if it were a purely cotton quilt. I think that depends. I’m using my queen size 20 lb Baloo weighted blanket in the photo, trying my best to look like I’m sleeping! What was even more surprising was the fact that my husband said he slept well. No loose cotton and no mistakes. However, I personally prefer that to thicker covers and denser fill, as the beads often tend to get stuck in the corners. The stitching on the sides and the loops is also very neatly finished. I have overheated slightly under it on some unseasonably warm nights. Some other class members bought blankets from big box stores and took them back. And while the Baloo doesn’t feel ‘cool’ in the summer, it’s definitely much more breathable than most because it has less batting and is made with high-quality cotton. Thanks for the update – it’s great to know you agree with most of the review. When I got into bed and put it over me, it felt strange at first, it was heavy. The Baloo was my top choice, so I wanted to do it justice with a separate article. I think eight ties would be better for larger sizes though, so I recommend tying them all well to avoid damaging them when moving the blanket around as it can put a lot of strain on individual ties. The pressure relaxes the nervous system and encourages serotonin production, which lifts your mood. It’s the only weighted blanket I know of that uses 100% cotton for both the internal cover and fill, with zero polyester. Never use a heavy blanket on anyone who is not able to easily remove the blanket if they desire. I’ve used the Baloo for naps/siestas in the summer months with the air con going, and that’s fantastic. If I spend 1/3 of my life in bed, I want the best and this blanket delivers. Our textiles and fabrics are free of … Baloo Living is the only Eco-Friendly, Luxury Weighted Blanket made with lead-free glass microbeads. Weight-wise, this one (12 lb throw) is plenty heavy enough for me, almost too heavy — I am mostly a side sleeper and see why they recommend lighter blankets for side sleepers. For me, it’s perfectly acceptable to have it as a tool for relaxation that you use when needed, not feel obligated to. Hello! I will have to look into that change they’ve made. He has awful anxiety and constantly wakes in the middle of the night. But in the summer, I’m sometimes the reverse – start relaxing in the night with the blanket and then take it off before falling asleep. The beads then spill from one pocket into the neighboring one, which affects the overall feel and weight distribution. Ethan. A key feature I look out for is breathability. It’s relatively expensive compared to other brands of weighted blankets, but the robust design and lifetime warranty help make up for that. In short, our Baloo Weighted Blanket review found that this blanket is a great product to use if you are being kept up by anxiety or insomnia. Hi Ethan, it’s Sarah again! The Baloo is one of the more expensive weighted blankets I’ve seen, even without the cover. Due to its smaller size, the weight is more concentrated on the body.”) I found this to be useful information in deciding what to get. I put it in the dryer and it dries really fast. Just ordered another one for my second property! And sleeping with it is amazing. And that’s great, as you can then save money by only buying the weighted insert – as long as you like white. The Baloo is my top-rated weighted blanket for breathability, aesthetic design and comfortable feel. The Luna is much more affordable than a majority of other weighted blankets on the market; it is an excellent weighted blanket sold for a value price. The blanket likes to slide down while sleeping and is very difficult to pull back up. Designed to … The queen has two weight options – 15 lbs and 20 lbs. Baloo Weighted Blanket. I don’t find it overheats most of the time. I did some research and found this weighted blanket was rated number 1 and liked the fact that it is washable, made with cotton, and lead free glass beads. He never says that! But yes, it would likely be worse with an increase in synthetic materials. We love the minimalist style of this blanket… If you really want it, but it’s a bit of a stretch, consider getting the insert and not the additional cover. About this item ECO-LUXURY, HOME SAFE: Baloo is the only eco-luxury weighted blanket company. Baloo doesn’t quite fall into that trap, fortunately, carefully choosing these words for their website: We use premium cotton chosen for its softness, breathability, and durability. If I could give it 20 stars, I would! The Baloo weighted blanket was not the first product I decided to review and try. The first night I slept with this blanket, I slept like a baby for 8 hours straight! I am very glad for myself that this cotton option exists as I can only imagine how much more I’d overheat under a synthetic and/or more densely filled blanket. Shoppers rave about the quality of the blanket, with one … I have slept with the blanket for 2 nights and has can say it helped me fall asleep sooner. Regards With the Baloo, they are free to move and hug your body in each new position you move into. Oeko-Tex certified chemical-free materials. I’ve seen cheaply made ones come undone with very little usage. The company is carbon-neutral, the materials used are all Oeko-Tex certified, they donate a portion of their profit to the pajama program, and they are a member of the NYC Fair Trade Coalition and Ethical Brand Directory. There are several sold on big online stores (no names, but you can probably guess) that are clearly made with cheap materials and less consitent quality control. We took it off the bed and sleep better now without it. Table of Contents hide. I have insomnia and anxiety so it serves a dual purpose. High-quality design that looks great aesthetically. I have struggled with sleep for the past 20 years, and it had gotten to the point where I was sleeping only four hours at a time. Let me know if you like it when it arrives, if you have time to pop back! It’s worth talking about the stitching a bit more, as it’s really important that a heavy weighted blanket is robust and durable. It’s fastened with wooden buttons rather than a zip, which is uncommon for weighted blankets, but does look stylish. by . I wanted a higher quality blanket so I went with Baloo. I love using a weighted blanket in the bedroom in the cooler months of the year. Only reason 4 stars is because they need to make this a little longer, my hubby is 6'4" and this doesn't cover his feet.

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