Celebrating My Mentors – Tim O’Gorman

When it comes to relationships, I think one thing that people notice most about me is that I tend to keep my cool. I don’t “blow up” when others would. Not bad for a guy who had always been a hothead – I got into a LOT of fights while growing up. I always had problems with being too emotional and unable to hide my feelings.

From about 1987 through 1993 I worked as a contract software developer¬† for a major petroleum exploration company. The head of the group I worked with was Tim O’Gorman. What stuck out to me about him was that he was soft-spoken.

Celebrating My Mentors – Troxel Ballou

How I got to writing this….

I was talking to a friend and joking. I made a pretty bad pun and said, “It’s a joke, oui (wee)?”¬† I say that to my kids when they tell a lamer, holding my hand up with my index finger close to my thumb in the gesture we know to mean “little”. It’s a double-entendre – a sentence or phrase with two meanings. The first is simply, “It’s a joke, yes? (oui)”, and the second is, “It’s a really wee (small) joke – not very funny at that.”